julieI’m Julie Howell and I’ve been making art most of my live and working as a graphic designer since 1983.  I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where I also also studied Graphic Design, Printmaking and Illustration. Originally from Denver, Colorado, living in Houston throughout junior high and high school. I moved from Sugar Land, Texas to Columbus, Texas in 2012.

I’m involved in “Mail Art”. Which is art that is mailed to other artists! It’s quite fun and I’ve traded art with artists all over the world. Mostly it is art the size of a trading card – 2.5″ x 3.5″ – sometimes is postcards, sometimes its larger or small sketchbooks that many artist create art in and mail on. What artist trading cards have done for me is make me draw every day. And that helps me improve and expand my style and knowledge.

I usually work with color pencil, watercolor and color inks.

This year I am focusing on learning more about abstracts. And also learning more about watercolors. I am in a realistic watercolor group on facebook and oh my, it is very inspiring. I have a lot to learn with using watercolor to its fullest potential.