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Art Arches Templates


Here is a 6 page, PDF, printable template with 12 different 4″x6″ arch designs.

And a 3 page of ATC sized arches. 

Many artists use this size in mail art and mail art swaps.

I like the format of an arch but my hand drawn arches weren’t too perfect, so I drew some on the computer and turned them into a template. I thought others may like it too.

You can also use them as something to look at to hand draw an arch. Because I”ve seen some art with hand cut out arches, completely imperfect and their imperfection really does add a beautiful element to the piece. So, what ever your fancy…here is a nice variety to choose from.



  • You can print it on heavy stock, or print in on regular printer paper then mount it on heavy stock.
  • Then you can either cut the arch out and use the inside as the template or use the piece you cut out as the template.
  • Remember when printing make sure “page scaling” or “Print to fit” is turned off or set on “none”.


TIP: Use the arch you cut out to draw on, and use the inside to lay on top of backgrounds to trace the arch. ~ Here’s is a picture of an arch cut out and laying on top of a painted background. Moving the template around until I like what shows through, then trace with a pencil and cut out. Best if you use a straight edge and craft knife to cut the straight parts.


ATC & Inchie Envelope Templates

Here is a template for making your own ATC and Inchie Envelopes.

The Inchie envie is larger than 1”x1” so that it may hold a small stack of Inchies. And I also made it larger than it had to be so it wouldn’t get lost in the piles of stuff on your art desk!

The ATC envie is a little bit roomie as well and it will accommodate thick ATCs or several at one time.

1. Print on thin or heavy colorful paper.
Print, score, trim, fold, glue.
2. Make a stencil by printing on regular paper and glueing to thin cardboard like a cereal box. Or print right on some cardstock.
Trim and trace around it on magazine or calendar pages for a creative twist!
Trace, score, trim, fold, glue.

TIP: I like to score the fold lines before I trim. To score, use a straight edge and burnishing tool, scoring wheel or even a ballpoint pen that has run out of ink to score along
the dotted lines.

Trim carefully.
Fold all flaps.
Put small amounts of glue on the overlapping edge of the left and right flaps, then glue the bottom flap up. Glue carefully.

TIP: I like to slip a scrap piece of paper inside the envie while I’m glueing so that any excess will stick on that and not the envelope. Pull out scrap before completely dry.

Take your time trimming and folding and use good glue and you will have a very nice envelope for your ATCs and Inchies!

Remember when printing to un check “fit to page” or anything like that. Print 100% – as is – in order for it to be the correct size.